Meaning of jump to conclusions in English:

jump to conclusions


(also leap to conclusions)
  • Make a hasty judgment before learning or considering all the facts.

    ‘they are imagining things, jumping to conclusions’
    • ‘investigators jumped to the conclusion that tropical deforestation was to blame’
    • ‘Ruffini simply counted the use of certain expressions, then leaped to conclusions about liberal bias.’
    • ‘But, one should be careful before leaping to conclusions about what the joke implies about the teller.’
    • ‘Just being seen in certain situations can spark giant leaps to conclusions with no basis in fact.’
    • ‘But it is a pity that he has jumped to conclusions before looking more carefully at the evidence.’
    • ‘The brain leaps to conclusions based on a swift assessment of a ‘thin slice’ of information.’
    • ‘It's tempting to leap to conclusions based on a single performance graph or a column in a summary table.’
    • ‘You only heard part of the conversation, and you've already jumped to conclusions about Patrick.’
    • ‘In a great twist at the end, they find out they have jumped to conclusions about the death.’
    • ‘We're willing to leap to conclusions without the benefit of data, just like our ancestors.’
    • ‘‘It is too early to jump to any conclusion about what their final decision will be,’ he added.’