Meaning of jump waka in English:

jump waka


informal New Zealand
  • (of an MP) leave a political party during a parliamentary term.

    • ‘a political pundit claims that he is about to jump waka to another political party’
    • ‘I think he has too many connections and too much and time on his side as a first term MP to consider jumping waka.’
    • ‘It would be outlandish for MPs from other parties to commit to jumping waka.’
    • ‘Let's assume that the story is true for a brief nano-second; this mystery MP would be jumping waka to no doubt be the "leader" of the new party.’
    • ‘It's time he realises where his heart really is, and he jumps waka.’
    • ‘This could also lead to him jumping waka to NZ First as for sure Winston would welcome him with open arms.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is not now too far-fetched a theory that he could jump waka and help prevent a Labour/Greens government.’
    • ‘There is supposed to be one MP lined up to jump waka.’
    • ‘He will need the popular support of his caucus to oust or severely discipline and demote Jones and do it in such a way as to keep Jones from jumping waka.’