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  • Denoting someone who considers themselves to be more important than they really are, or who has suddenly and undeservedly risen in status.

    • ‘she's not really a journalist, more a jumped-up PR woman’
    • ‘And we thought they were all just jumped-up waitresses.’
    • ‘And if that's what they want, they should never change just for the sake of being able to spend a bit of time with some jumped-up idiot.’
    • ‘He was a jumped-up Austrian, a loner, always excluded from picnics and parties, and to compensate he always felt he had to be on top of his game.’
    • ‘It is surely the end of the line for these jumped-up bureaucrats with lots of power and not much sense of their democratic responsibilities.’
    • ‘How can I get her to lay off without sounding like a jumped-up cow?’
    • ‘Then some jumped-up English playwright wrote about this whole fracas.’
    • ‘Jubilant jumped-up managers all over the country embarked on a new aggression against the people who do the work.’
    • ‘Well, they were right, in that it was a place for someone much older, not a jumped-up bloody loudmouth like me.’
    • ‘But surely making a jumped-up Hollywood star look like a pillock is big and clever?’
    • ‘These jumped-up guardians of the yellow lines show no respect for man, beast or the Scottish team.’
    • ‘Doesn't he look like the most obnoxious, jumped-up school sports team leader of your youth?’
    • ‘Here is an example of jumped-up twits hurting the party through personal animosity.’
    • ‘‘And I, for one,’ replied Sara hotly, ‘will not be bullied by a jumped-up little hoodlum.’’
    • ‘Told you no bunch of jumped-up mages can stand against your parents.’
    • ‘So they're just going to treat you like any jumped-up creep of a musician and ignore you.’
    • ‘His message is that nobody can get a wage rise unless they accept less time with their family and friends, longer hours at work, and endless bullying from jumped-up managers.’
    • ‘When you add to this a jumped-up ego, fuelled by the environment and training given to firearms officers, the result is clearly depicted by this sad case.’
    • ‘His jumped-up, passionate nature has already minoritised him with the US media and selective segments of power.’
    • ‘Some jumped-up City type has even worked out Beckham's different market values as an individual, married or divorced.’
    • ‘Plato does not provide any consoling myth at all for the jumped-up dictator who claims to know what is best for the people.’
    haughty, conceited, hubristic, self-important, opinionated, egotistic, full of oneself, superior