Meaning of jumping mouse in English:

jumping mouse


  • A mouse-like rodent that has long back feet and typically moves in short hops, found in North America and China.

    Family Zapodidae: three genera, in particular Zapus, and several species

    ‘He chided his friend: ‘I am afraid the broad shadows of the Elk, Buffalo, and big-horn hid all the little marmots, squirrels, jumping mice, rats and shrews.’’
    • ‘Zapus sandersi is the common jumping mouse through much of the Blancan in Kansas.’
    • ‘Deer mice and jumping mice were frequently found at both Blacktail and Crystal.’
    • ‘Woodland jumping mice, the raccoon, and the black bear were photographed only at the shrub treatment.’
    • ‘Adding one new twist to the tale, researchers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science also announced on December 18 that the Preble's jumping mouse might not be a distinct subspecies.’