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junction box

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  • A box containing a junction of electric wires or cables.

    ‘In a second visit they found cables and a junction box in the loft wired up to bypass the meter.’
    • ‘Bring all cables from various jacks into the junction box and connect the wires under the appropriately colored terminals.’
    • ‘The wire in the junction box was not properly covered resulting in short circuit.’
    • ‘Tuck any circuit and fixture wires into the junction box, and install the mounting plate firmly to the box.’
    • ‘They disabled an alarm system at a store by cutting through live wires at a Telecom junction box which put thousands of phones in the region out of action.’
    • ‘To make for easier wiring, find a junction box that is already hooked to the circuit and in an accessible place.’
    • ‘Authorized cable companies who own the lines have to bring the cable to a junction box outside the home.’
    • ‘But, Mr Carlton asks, if lightning blew out the electrical junction box, how come the Minster floodlights were still working at 3am?’
    • ‘Attach the new junction box to the wall (as outlined above under Basic Wiring).’
    • ‘There are two main methods: a power supply attached to a junction box or a power cord from the track to a standard electrical outlet.’
    • ‘Run the cable or the conduit and install the appropriate junction box.’
    • ‘Never splice wires together and conceal them within a wall without a junction box.’
    • ‘The junction box will be placed there and all wires will return there below it.’
    • ‘There is an interesting junction box included in the bundle of cables - something that we have not seen until now.’
    • ‘The transformer is usually located on the junction box in the basement or near the circuit box.’
    • ‘Water in a junction box knocked out power at tea-time on Tuesday but the station was able to stay open.’
    • ‘Firefighters found flames coming from the underground junction box but could only keep watch over the blaze until the power was shut off.’
    • ‘Each pole has a provision for the junction box at its bottom, just one or two feet above the ground.’
    • ‘There are no guarantees offered, but it seems unlikely if power cables and junction boxes are not placed in the rain.’
    • ‘To date the project has cost €16,900, and as the project grows each year, there is always the extra cost of lighting, junction boxes, cables etc.’