Meaning of jungle-like in English:



  • Resembling a jungle, especially in being overgrown and densely tangled.

    ‘jungle-like vegetation surrounds the river’
    • ‘a jungle-like garden’
    • ‘The sun was just beginning to dip over the horizon when they arrived at the Imkills' jungle-like habitat three days later.’
    • ‘Big rivers, formidable mountains and jungle-like rainforest were among the physical challenges.’
    • ‘The beds in my garden are jungle-like with the lush foliage I would normally expect to see towards the end of the month rather than at the beginning.’
    • ‘Childs's crops were so jungle-like that his combine had to move at a crawl to harvest the corn.’
    • ‘The ruins are partially obscured by cloud forests with jungle-like vegetation, but through binoculars the men could see the mountaintop ruins in the distance.’
    • ‘Slides of New Zealand's world-renown scenery were projected on the outside walls at the entrance to the residence, and guests passed through a jungle-like corridor of beautiful green New Zealand plants to the reception hall.’
    • ‘In places, the jungle-like vegetation surrounds the river so densely it feels like an old Tarzan movie (some of which were filmed just a few miles from here).’
    • ‘We've been trying to solve the garden's drainage problems recently, but been hampered by the jungle-like growth of most of the things near the ditch.’
    • ‘As a W.P.A. writer acknowledged, "South Louisiana takes its character from the French-speaking people who settled the vast, wet terrain, and who in the eighteenth century penetrated its rivers and bayous to make homes for themselves in the jungle-like forests."’
    • ‘Canopies of trees jutted out of the waterscape and created a jungle-like maze.’