Meaning of jungle cat in English:

jungle cat


  • A small wildcat that has a yellowish or greyish coat with dark markings on the legs and tail, living in dry forests from Egypt to SE Asia.

    Felis chaus, family Felidae

    ‘I also saw a sandy colored cat with long legs and a short tail that I think was a jungle cat.’
    • ‘If you're going to go after a member of the cat family, please try to make it a jungle cat or some other sort of larger member of the feline family.’
    • ‘Yes, Carmel told herself, he looks like a young jungle cat, proud and cruel amidst a throng of deer ripe for his taking.’
    • ‘He says the society already has good evidence for the existence of large felines in Britain, including records of 19 pumas, lynx, jungle cats, and leopards trapped, shot, or run over since 1980.’
    • ‘Fish owls, jungle cats, civets (a carnivore related to the mongoose), and even house cats are reported to eat them.’