Meaning of junglefowl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌŋɡ(ə)lˌfəʊl/

nounplural noun junglefowl

  • A southern Asian game bird related to the domestic fowl, typically frequenting forested country.

    Genus Gallus, family Phasianidae: four species, in particular the red junglefowl (G. gallus), which is the ancestor of the domestic fowl

    ‘Red junglefowl have been mostly genetically interbred with domestic and feral chickens, as a survey of 745 museum specimens has shown.’
    • ‘They are already using the junglefowl's new gene sequence to begin searching for agriculturally important variations in the genomes of three types of domestic chicken.’
    • ‘She studied the interactions between physiology and behavior in pheasants in Britain, India, and Thailand, and in 1992 came to the United States to research junglefowl at the University of California, at Riverside.’
    • ‘Heavier female junglefowl produced larger eggs and began laying earlier, but did not lay more eggs per clutch.’
    • ‘They showed a similar effect in paired-choice tests of red junglefowl, whereby females mate at random when neither male has the threshold ornament value.’