Meaning of junglist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌŋɡlɪst/


  • A performer or enthusiast of jungle music.

    ‘M-Beat, junglists who recently had the genre's first chart hit’
    • ‘With this track, Speed offers junglists an alternative to the current state of the scene - follow Speed down her spiraling path of soulful vocals, monstrous beats and be saved.’
    • ‘I think all true junglists should probably know that the Congo Natty 2004 World Tour will be touching down at Rainbow-Ites this Friday, July 2.’
    • ‘The kickoff party on August 4th will feature two of Canada's finest junglists who've been doing it since back in the day - Marcus Visionary and Ryan Ruckus.’
    • ‘He is currently on track to join the ranks of the finest soundscape junglists, and this will be an excellent opportunity to see a future star of the music in the intimate environs of a small club.’
    • ‘This guy called Kid 606 who's a San Diego junglist has a record coming out with us very soon as well.’


  • Relating to jungle music.

    ‘he's at the forefront of junglist innovation’
    • ‘Then he adds a surging bassline that would be a balm on any junglist dancefloor.’
    • ‘The Subterranean Sound guys heat things up as well, with the return of their junglist ways.’
    • ‘It's a little too jazzy for my tastes at first, but the last hour is great, sweaty, junglist action.’
    • ‘They've reworked R & B and Latin riffs, to the same extent that Adam F reinvented the treatment of a junglist hip-hop beat.’
    • ‘Which means, I imagine, that Mr. Rascal comes from the streets, and has something to do with trip-hop junglist urban rhythms.’