Meaning of junior barrister in English:

junior barrister


  • (in the UK) a barrister who has not taken silk, i.e. is not a Queen's (or King's) Counsel.

    ‘There were people being led around by what I imagine were solicitors or junior barristers, the silks moving between courts, of which there appears to be the best part of 100 housed there, courts that is.’
    • ‘I am sure there are a lot of able junior barristers who would be only too happy to look at it.’
    • ‘Do you have any stories you can tell us about your own experience as a junior barrister?’
    • ‘May's in-depth work gives a more accurate picture of the opinions of both prominent and junior barristers in London to the transformations in criminal procedure occurring in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.’
    • ‘To see junior barristers in action, visits to district or circuit courts are a good idea.’