Meaning of junior doctor in English:

junior doctor


  • A qualified doctor practising at any stage between graduation and completion of specialist postgraduate training.

    ‘she has been working in Edinburgh as a junior doctor’
    • ‘A infantry digger with year 9 education earns more than a junior doctor with two university degrees, that's a fact.’
    • ‘Thirteen years ago, Dr Jones was a junior doctor working dangerously long hours, which he feared might be putting patients at risk.’
    • ‘She is not currently overseeing, supervising or training any junior doctors, though, the spokesman said.’
    • ‘Three-quarters of junior doctors say they are so busy they do not have time to care for patients properly.’
    • ‘She was examined by a junior doctor but was discharged and told to simply take antibiotics.’
    • ‘Under the new deal on hours no junior doctor should be working more than 56 hours a week or 72 hours on call, with adequate rest periods.’
    • ‘This pay deal is important for the health as well as the salaries of junior doctors.’
    • ‘I went back to see the consultant, but unfortunately only saw a junior doctor who didn't give me much confidence.’
    • ‘I worked as a junior doctor for 13 years before applying to be appointed as a consultant in the NHS.’
    • ‘Several junior doctor posts in the NHS are not really training posts.’