Meaning of junior middleweight in English:

junior middleweight


mass noun
  • 1A weight in professional boxing of 66.7–69.8 kilograms.

    ‘I noticed that as you went up in weight (from junior middleweight, through middleweight, to light heavyweight) you knocked less people out, but you still had great boxing skills.’
    • ‘Today's boxing landscaped is stacked with quality fighters from featherweight to junior middleweight.’
    • ‘Hopkins destroyed Trinidad, who was coming up from junior middleweight to face him.’
    • ‘No-one with any sense would have thought less of him had he stayed at junior middleweight until the end of his career.’
    1. 1.1count noun A junior middleweight boxer.
      ‘Rodney Jones is a former junior middleweight who figured he could advance better fighting in the no-name middleweight division.’
      • ‘Before we start saying that Bernard only beat a junior middleweight, let's face one fact.’
      • ‘The 34-year-old began his career as a junior middleweight and has been competing as a light heavyweight for the past five years.’
      • ‘Nester Tobias reluctantly threw in the towel on his own boxing career a couple of years ago, but the former junior middleweight is still throwing his weight around in the capacity of trainer and promoter.’