Meaning of junior minister in English:

junior minister

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  • (in the UK) a government minister who is not a member of the cabinet.

    ‘he refused to accept responsibility, sending out junior ministers to explain the fiasco’
    • ‘Legislation limits the number of junior ministers to 17.’
    • ‘Unlike cabinet ministers, junior ministers (with the exeption of the chief whip) do not have state cars with garda drivers.’
    • ‘The appointment of Cabinet ministers, junior ministers, senior staff to committees etc allows the party leadership huge powers of patronage.’
    • ‘The opposition minister is also on the committee along with his/her junior ministers.’
    • ‘Two female junior ministers spoke in defence of censorship.’
    • ‘Apart from senior and junior ministers, other top government officials from various ministries will attend.’
    • ‘The Junior Minister at the Department of Enterprise said he would press the issue with the Cabinet, but the decision will ultimately rest with Mr McCreevy.’
    • ‘His preference to work with the bureaucracy and junior ministers was honed during 12 years as chief minister of Gujarat.’
    • ‘But today, this paper offers cautious congratulations to junior minister Steve Webb on his plans for pensions reform.’
    • ‘In 2008, Lewis - then a junior Minister at the Department of Health - made an unhelpful intervention on tax policy.’