Meaning of junior partner in English:

junior partner

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  • 1A member of a group who has less power or influence than other members.

    ‘the junior partner in the nation's governing coalition withdrew its support for the government in protest’
    • ‘He should know better that our country will never agree to become anyone's poodle or junior partner.’
    • ‘As the junior partner in the Coalition, the party is more comfortable with not always getting its own way.’
    • ‘The United Kingdom is the junior partner in terms of scale, but sometimes leads in specialized areas.’
    • ‘Even where the woman works, she tends to remain the junior partner.’
    • ‘He was a close friend of Mozart, and the Salzburg genius paid close attention to his junior partner's budding career.’
    • ‘In 1933, Mussolini saw Hitler as a junior partner in the relationship between the two dictators.’
    • ‘Britain had no experience in wars of this type and remained junior partner to France in a war fought on French soil.’
    • ‘Nurses have often felt (and sometimes been treated) like junior partners in the health care field.’
    • ‘But Stevens shows that home schooling is a womans enterprise, in which men are usually junior partners.’
    • ‘The unions with strong communist influence were treated as junior partners - they were in every respect controlled by the party.’
    1. 1.1A junior member of a business partnership.
      ‘she became a junior partner in a Glasgow general practice’
      • ‘Having kept the firm running smoothly for 13 years, she deserves to be made a junior partner on those merits.’
      • ‘She was a junior partner at one of Silicon Valley's most powerful venture capital firms.’
      • ‘In a sign of the competitiveness of the industry, he said of the 24 junior partners the firm has taken on during his tenure, only five were promoted.’
      • ‘To get that time, he negotiated with his junior partners a cut in pay in exchange for Fridays off.’
      • ‘The law firm was represented by the two junior partners, Gardiner and Reed.’
      • ‘Local business groups have often benefited directly from privatization, sometimes on their own and sometimes as junior partners of firms based abroad.’
      • ‘I'm a junior partner at a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.’
      • ‘Smith, a junior partner, misappropriated large amounts of money standing to the credit of his solicitors' firm's client account.’
      • ‘By sheer dint of merit, hard work and devotion to his chosen profession, he was taken in as junior partner of the prestigious firm.’
      • ‘Not all corporations are necessarily created equal in terms of their philosophy, and they don't all provide the same value to their junior partners.’