Meaning of junior school in English:

junior school


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  • A school for young or younger children, in particular (in England and Wales) a school for children aged between 7 and 11.

    ‘Others have a different structure - there are, for example, senior schools, junior schools and preparatory schools.’
    • ‘In 2000, when Flanagan was eleven, the local state high school expanded to include a middle school and a junior school.’
    • ‘Some preparatory or junior schools also offer scholarships, but awards for children under the age of seven are rare.’
    • ‘Linked to the secondary school is St Katherine's - a 70 pupil junior school - and a sixth form college.’
    • ‘Some 1,200 teaching and non-teaching staff work in 88 secondary schools and composite junior schools.’
    • ‘In public sector junior schools, there are 18 children per teacher in Scotland - compared with 23.3 per teacher in London.’
    • ‘One junior school advised teachers: ‘when taking children on an outing think how you appear to the public’.’
    • ‘Teachers at the junior school were said to be hardworking with every year group receiving good teaching.’
    • ‘At the moment it is restricted to junior schools and the first year of high school.’
    • ‘Berkeley Primary School was founded in 1930, originally as separate infant and junior schools.’
    • ‘The second phase of the project will have a junior school, residential court, dining hall and kitchens.’
    • ‘One of my schoolmates has a little sister studying in an Australian junior school.’
    • ‘The old school is empty since pupils amalgamated with the junior school.’
    • ‘He said the school's first option was its feeder junior school and then it considered pupils from other schools if there was space.’
    • ‘It is starting in junior schools with a view to going into secondary schools within the year.’
    • ‘Our aim is for every pupil in a junior school to go through this scheme.’
    • ‘I went to a junior school on Every Street in Nelson and I loved it.’
    • ‘A headteacher is stepping down as her infant school joins forces with a neighbouring junior school.’
    • ‘Neighbouring St Peter's School said it would house its junior school there.’
    • ‘When my sister taught at a junior school they celebrated all the religious festivals.’