Meaning of junk bond in English:

junk bond



  • A high-yielding high-risk security, typically issued by a company seeking to raise capital quickly in order to finance a takeover.

    ‘Yet the growth of hostile takeovers, junk bond finance, and corporate raiding tilted the balance of power over the course of the decade away from managers towards shareholders.’
    • ‘With the average junk bond yielding 12.92%, or 7.6 percentage points more than Treasuries, Simon says the sector offers a good risk-reward tradeoff.’
    • ‘In the midst of a global equity rout, the junk bond and U.S. corporate bond market remains wide open for business.’
    • ‘If a junk bond's issuer miraculously recovers, however, the bond's price soars.’
    • ‘A rising star may still be a junk bond but on its way to being investment quality.’
    • ‘A collapsing junk bond market and an abrupt withdrawal of new finance for the telecom / Internet sector ushered in the bursting of the NASDAQ Bubble.’
    • ‘There is no improvement noted in the tattered junk bond market, as the Bloomberg junk bond spread widened 18 basis points to a record 702.’
    • ‘One prominent rumor had a major securities firm with losses in the junk bond market, perhaps as much as $1 billion.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, with liquidity returning to the credit market, the junk bond sector is once again getting geared up to sell paper.’
    • ‘The junk bond market came to life, with $25 billion issued (compared to about $4 billion during the fourth quarter).’
    • ‘Lee became somewhat of a pioneer in the Asian junk bond market and developed a reputation for his ability to raise cash for fast-growing companies.’
    • ‘This was the era of the junk bond, and the beginning of what became the vast financial-derivatives bubble which is exploding the financial system of the world today.’
    • ‘For the hundreds of cash-burning companies created during this protracted cycle, there is now the harsh reality that the junk bond market is closed and most banks are running for cover.’