Meaning of junk DNA in English:

junk DNA


mass nounGenetics
  • DNA that does not code for a protein, usually occurs in repetitive sequences of nucleotides, and does not seem to serve any useful purpose.

    ‘Zimmer also brings up the argument that simply by making the genome bigger that junk DNA may serve a useful function by making cells the correct size.’
    • ‘Ohno also proposed that a large proportion of the mammalian genome is noncoding or junk DNA.’
    • ‘Since junk DNA does not code for proteins, mutations can accumulate within it without natural selection weeding them out.’
    • ‘There may be yet more genetic variations waiting to be discovered and some of the regions now thought to contain junk DNA may be serving some as-yet-undiscovered regulatory purposes.’
    • ‘Much of the remaining junk DNA in our genome may also turn out to be former transposable elements that have mutated beyond recognition.’
    • ‘He says the idea of using stretches of junk DNA to track genes was well-established by the mid-80s.’
    • ‘To me however, the most interesting components of junk DNA are the mobile genetic elements, also called jumping genes or transposons.’
    • ‘And the mouse's smaller number of base pairs may simply stem from that animal's ridding its genome more effectively of so-called junk DNA sequences than humans did.’
    • ‘Our human genome is about 90% junk DNA, which comes mostly from viruses.’
    • ‘Most of the insertions and deletions Britten studied occur in long stretches of so called junk DNA, which includes no functioning genes.’