Meaning of junk email in English:

junk email

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mass noun informal
  • Unwanted or unsolicited email, typically in the form of advertising or promotional material.

    • ‘how do I stop getting junk email?’
    • ‘I receive hundreds of junk emails every day’
    • ‘With the net closing in around them spammers are looking for new and more inventive ways to send out their junk email.’
    • ‘And if you still haven't done anything to beat back the tide of junk email, now's the time for action.’
    • ‘Junk email is a serious threat to the well-being of the Internet community and is no doubt on the rise.’
    • ‘Check your junk email folder for emails from companies you've purchased things from warning of vulnerabilities.’
    • ‘Dear Watchdog: How do you get rid of junk email for good?’
    • ‘The Junk email filter blocks dangerous content, while the anti-phishing feature prevents your passwords and data from being stolen.’
    • ‘The volume of junk email is tremendous and spending time deleting each one is taking precious time away from you.’
    • ‘Why do I have to type in my email address to unsubscribe from all the junk emails I get?’
    • ‘If you have trouble with persistent junk emails, this will help.’
    • ‘This filter will send the emails that are flagged as junk emails into a separate folder in the mailbox.’