Meaning of junketeer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʒʌŋkɪˈtɪə/


informal, derogatory
  • A person who regularly goes on trips or attends functions at another's expense, typically for supposed work purposes.

    • ‘the junketeers also charged videos to council credit cards instead of paying for them out of their standard allowances’
    • ‘In simplest terms, he is a computer security celebrity junketeer, a highly specialized occupation somewhat obscured by an official biography bulging with professional-strength acronyms.’
    • ‘In this age of thin profit margins and smaller budgets for films, I think the fictitious junketeer could have saved the studios some much earned cash.’
    • ‘He is the only junketeer on the list.’
    • ‘Policy wonk, nerdy control freak, bureaucrat-in-chief, charisma-free bore and junketeer are some of the kinder epithets the whingeing Aussies have applied to the man.’
    • ‘But it should also be noted that the posters for the film have quotes from Esquire, Empire, Elle, and Rolling Stone that were obviously squeezed out long before any junketeer or blogger got on the plane to London.’
    • ‘On the other hand: Any junketeer who would accept a paid, out-of-town trip as "thanks" for a recent contract has no standing (whatsoever) to offer any opinion on someone else's ethics.’
    • ‘He, a sad, clueless junketeer who gives his writing away for free, and I have tangled in the past.’
    • ‘For the millionaires and junketeers of Congress this would be no big deal.’
    • ‘Free spending, expense-account junketeers are a time-honored tradition.’
    • ‘When I first saw the film, it was in a packed, small screening room, full of junketeers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, junketeers are getting very nervous about how much longer the junket system will continue as it had.’
    • ‘Freebie junketeers sometimes scribble down words of praise and pass them to publicists right there at the junket.’
    • ‘Everyone knows what junketeers quote.’
    • ‘The junketeers also 'won' a council-sponsored competition which offered a weekend stay at Middleham Hall, North Yorkshire, and free entry to Wetherby races.’
    • ‘And when the junketeers provide the studios with endless streams of negative, acerbic criticism, the studios readily invite them to the next junket and the next junket, where they can live for free and ask dumb questions of famous people.’
    • ‘"In one case documented by Variety," Ebert stated, "a publicist wrote up several 'sample' quotes and asked the junketeers to sign up for the ones they liked."’
    • ‘The conservative movement's think tanks, newspapers, and little magazines are filled with junketeers who have traveled the world on his dime.’
    • ‘Compare this to junketeers.’
    • ‘But this has not impeded them from posing as quasi-journalistic independent observers elsewhere ever since, whether on CNN, CBS, Fox or in these pages, identifying themselves as experts rather than Pentagon junketeers.’
    • ‘The junketeers will see it on the 9th and 10th while we non-junketeers will see it a few days later.’
    parasite, hanger-on, leech, scrounger, passenger, drone, beggar