Meaning of junkman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌŋkmən/

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nounplural noun junkmen

North American
  • A person who travels round an area buying old or unwanted clothes and household items in order to resell them.

    ‘I sold a cupboard like this to the junkman years ago’
    • ‘Within ten years of entering the country, he rose from driving a wagon for a Newark junkman for $10 a week to establishing his own yard.’
    • ‘All the ledgers and journals containing the financial history of the Metropolitan since its organization in 1893 had been sold for $117 to a junkman.’
    • ‘The woman breathed in the boisterous music of slum life: creaking shutters, squawking chickens, blowing laundry, clattering junkmen.’
    • ‘The brick was bought from junkmen and carefully laid into the living room wall.’
    • ‘Home to nearly 2 million people, the neighborhood is a gritty tapestry of mechanics, metal grinders, junkmen and laborers.’
    • ‘A visit to a junk yard provided several items they were able to repair and after several barters, they provided the junkman with the cord of wood he wanted.’
    • ‘Does anybody remember a TV movie that starred Andy Griffith as a junkman who wanted to collect everything that was left on the moon for profit?’
    • ‘He was famous for playing a junkman in the sitcom "Steptoe and Son".’
    • ‘He says he was destined to work as a ciruja, or junkman, from the cradle.’
    • ‘The third-generation junkman has everything arranged in a way that reveals the eye of an artist; wonderful assemblages that combine necessity and art.’