Meaning of junkyard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌŋkjɑːd/

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North American
  • A place where scrap is collected before being recycled or discarded; a scrapyard.

    ‘Specifically, motor vehicles deployed within the region were susceptible to explosive attacks, and many army personnel had found themselves raiding junkyards to create makeshift armour in order to protect themselves.’
    • ‘Billy helped Tinguely scavenge dumps and junkyards in the New Jersey Meadowlands for the motors and wheels and other detritus that would compose his giant kinetic heap.’
    • ‘Juvenile crime focused primarily on merchants or less organized forms of thievery in semipublic areas such as dumps, junkyards, and railroad yards.’
    • ‘In the junkyard, for the first time, Maya is independent and surrounded by friendly people of all races.’
    • ‘Here is the junkyard, not as a repository of useless and discreet things, but as the living space of the working artist.’
    • ‘They scoured junkyards for tube ends and pressure gauges and stripped old ovens bare for dials and piping.’
    • ‘And later on, you'll have plenty of junkyard parts to choose from too, since what's popular on the roads eventually becomes popular in junkyards.’
    • ‘And he was asked that question by a soldier, who said that he had to go through some junkyards looking for armor to put on his vehicle so that he would feel safe.’
    • ‘At one point we got lost and had to exit into an industrial wasteland of junkyards filled with old bathroom fixtures.’
    • ‘A second option is to try to find a set at a junkyard.’
    dump, refuse dump, refuse heap, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap