Meaning of jurisconsult in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʒʊərɪskənˈsʌlt/


mainly historical Law
  • An expert on law.

    ‘They have substantially lost not only their influence as a religious elite but also their functions as jurists, judges, legal guardians, and to a lesser degree jurisconsults.’
    • ‘A ‘fatwa’ is simply a considered opinion of a Muslim jurisconsult.’
    • ‘As noted, this new organisation - inclusive though it tried to appear - was devoted to Khomeini's notion of the absolute guardianship of the jurisconsult.’
    • ‘Each country will have a government-appointed Mufti or jurisconsult, who issues written opinions on issues brought to him.’
    • ‘The mufti, Egypt's chief Muslim jurisconsult, serves at the pleasure of the Egyptian government.’


Early 17th century from Latin jurisconsultus, from jus, jur- ‘law’ + consultus ‘skilled’ (from consulere ‘take counsel’).