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Pronunciation /ˌdʒʊərɪsˈdɪkʃn/

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mass noun
  • 1The official power to make legal decisions and judgements.

    ‘the English court had no jurisdiction over the defendants’
    • ‘And nor should it exclude the jurisdiction of any other state that gives its courts universal jurisdiction over international crimes.’
    • ‘Turkey officials waved jurisdiction of the case because it did not involve any Turkish nationals, Edmonson said.’
    • ‘As mayor of Los Angeles, Riordan had no official role or any jurisdiction over city schools.’
    • ‘It does not sound like the sort of case the High Court, in the limited jurisdiction of judicial review, would become involved in.’
    • ‘Does it have something to do with the powers and jurisdiction of the Tribunal?’
    • ‘The adjudicator is not exercising the residual jurisdiction of judicial review.’
    • ‘Where is the dignity of the legal jurisdiction of administrative agencies?’
    • ‘The foundations of the present administrative law jurisdiction of common law courts is found in this process.’
    • ‘Last Friday, President Bush signed a bill modifying federal jurisdiction over class action law suits.’
    • ‘This is not to say that the case-law on the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court is wholly irrelevant.’
    • ‘We question whether plaintiff may obtain personal jurisdiction over the defendant in this judicial district.’
    • ‘Magistrates declined jurisdiction of the case because they felt their powers of punishment would not be adequate if the men were found guilty.’
    • ‘The undertaking was expressly stated to be governed by English law and any dispute was subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English High Court.’
    • ‘Another limitation is a rule found in various forms in some legal systems which denies jurisdiction over actions involving foreign land.’
    • ‘The parties agreed that the tribunal should deal with the matter of its jurisdiction over the counterclaim as a preliminary issue.’
    • ‘The public prosecutors with jurisdiction over the matter didn't treat the incidents so lightly.’
    • ‘The decision of the Commissioner to refuse leave is subject to the supervisory jurisdiction of the High Court exercised in judicial review proceedings.’
    • ‘So long as the Master has jurisdiction over the matter, as Master Bredmeyer did, he is in the position of a judge.’
    • ‘The administration of the Turkish Cypriot community had absolute jurisdiction over part of the island.’
    • ‘The magistrates declined jurisdiction of the case and committed the defendant for trial at the Crown Court.’
    authority, control, power, dominion, rule, administration, command, sway, leadership, sovereignty, ascendancy, hegemony, mastery
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    1. 1.1The extent of the power to make legal decisions and judgements.
      ‘the claim will be within the jurisdiction of the industrial tribunal’
      • ‘Nor can it effectively do justice in the individual case within the limits of its jurisdiction and to that extent vindicate the rule of law.’
      • ‘The act must be one committed within the jurisdiction by the alleged tortfeasor, not the victim.’
      • ‘The procuring must occur within the jurisdiction although the sexual intercourse may occur outside the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘Usually, the defendant has to be served within the jurisdiction; that is the common law rule.’
      • ‘If that is the case, the defendant will simply have to remain in custody, if no suitable surety within the jurisdiction can be found.’
      • ‘Many a writ in rem has been issued in the hope or expectation that the ship against which the plaintiff has brought his action will come within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘Due service within the jurisdiction depended on whether that defendant had at the time of service been domiciled in this country.’
      • ‘There is no requirement that the act of greater evil should be unlawful, nor that it take place within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The second defendant also has substantial property within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘No evidence is before the court that any new appliance is under design or construction - or even in contemplation, within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The Court has been criticized for expanding its jurisdiction into areas that should be reserved for national courts.’
      • ‘The statutory powers will enable local authorities to seal off areas under their jurisdiction to prevent the disease spreading.’
      • ‘The pressures of determining jurisdiction and the limits of sovereignty is growing.’
      • ‘As a luminary and law minister Beig can not be expected to overstep his jurisdiction and transgress his limits beyond his domain.’
      • ‘Judges in general, and US judges in particular, hate limits on their jurisdiction.’
      • ‘They say the new municipal boundaries will incorporate areas which are presently under their jurisdiction into urban areas.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, they failed to fight the terrorist cells that grew in the area under their jurisdiction.’
      • ‘According to Keys, the station was commended for its outstanding service rendered to areas under its jurisdiction.’
      • ‘This was a decision in the original jurisdiction of this Court.’
      • ‘These cases fall within the ancillary or incidental jurisdiction of the International Tribunal.’
    2. 1.2count noun A system of law courts; a judicature.
      ‘in some jurisdictions there is a mandatory death sentence for murder’
      • ‘The provision limiting comment accords with the present law in those jurisdictions where judicial comment may be made.’
      • ‘The judicial system resembles that of other common law jurisdictions.’
      • ‘As a result the common law courts still remain more distant from the merits than the administrative law courts of continental jurisdictions.’
      • ‘Thus any later law was recognised in both common law and civil law jurisdictions.’
      • ‘That case has been applied by practically every court in the highest point of the hierarchy in common law jurisdictions in the world.’
      • ‘Do not the Netherlands and Switzerland have a more stringent test than common law jurisdictions?’
      • ‘The rule as it has developed in common law jurisdictions is in fact an exception to an exception to a rule of evidence.’
      • ‘This is a topic on which the law has never been the same in the common law jurisdictions.’
      • ‘This, of course, presumes filing the lawsuit in a jurisdiction with such a law.’
      • ‘Well, the other theory of the Constitution is that the appellate jurisdiction is a special jurisdiction.’
      • ‘Incarceration is a well-publicized feature of the American system, and is available too in other jurisdictions.’
      • ‘In some jurisdictions this is a mandatory sentence of death.’
      • ‘There are only a narrow number of countries under the Convention that have specialist Family Law jurisdictions.’
      • ‘There is thus an argument for saying that criminal record should be routinely admitted as in continental jurisdictions.’
      • ‘What is different here, though, is that there is no competing jurisdiction with an interest.’
      • ‘The limits of any jurisdiction to vacate orders made and perfected by courts of appeal have not been examined or stated by this Court in the criminal sphere.’
      • ‘The council is required by law to review conservation areas in their jurisdiction on a periodical basis.’
      • ‘And lastly the fourth lesson is to promote competition among jurisdiction, firms and individuals.’
      • ‘Mutual recognition is the sole guarantor that there will be a relatively level playing field in any source jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The same applies to the courts and jurisdictions of the Cayman Islands.’
    3. 1.3count noun The territory or sphere of activity over which the legal authority of a court or other institution extends.
      ‘several different tax jurisdictions’
      • ‘In other words, can they engage in legal economic activity in a jurisdiction where prostitution is legal?’
      • ‘While referring to the laws of other jurisdictions, US courts have given them short shrift.’
      • ‘There is no legislation of South Australia which says that courts of other jurisdictions may not sit in South Australia.’
      • ‘Other Canadian provincial and territorial jurisdictions eventually followed suit.’
      • ‘There was no reference to other courts in other jurisdictions.’
      • ‘It did not seek to assert jurisdiction over any person or any asset outside the territorial jurisdiction of the court.’
      • ‘In any of these pieces of legislation, and they vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, there's limits as to what it is that has to be recorded.’
      • ‘National courts can try defendants, whether or not they are nationals and whether the offences occurred within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘To that extent, if there are costs incurred by the marshal in meeting that they are the subject of a fulsome undertaking by a person within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘Although the husband had only forty-seven days in totality within the relevant twelve months he had made nine arrivals within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘Is there a threatened breach of contract within the jurisdiction?’
      • ‘It is merely a document, which must be served within the jurisdiction under CPR part 6.5.’
      • ‘The first is whether you are only relying on damage within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘It was, as a matter of English law, an automatic consequence of the loss of the goods within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘And for other breaches the Master can be fined if it is within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The public authority is within the jurisdiction where the First Protocol applies.’
      • ‘Indeed many local governments act as if their main goal were to maximize land values within the jurisdiction.’
      • ‘But in these cases we would presumably want them to be tried within the jurisdiction in which they committed their crimes.’
      • ‘But section 44 of the Judiciary Act expressly empowers us to remit things within our jurisdiction.’
      • ‘To that extent, the court in either jurisdiction may be regarded as the natural forum.’
      territory, region, province, district, area, zone
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Middle English from Old French jurediction, from Latin jurisdictio(n-), from jus, jur- ‘law’ + dictio ‘saying’ (from dicere ‘say’).