Meaning of jury duty in English:

jury duty


mass nounmainly North American
  • The obligation to act or a period of acting as a member of a jury in court.

    ‘the bill exempts nursing mothers from jury duty’
    • ‘my wife was on jury duty recently’
    • ‘Earlier in the year I did 14 weeks of jury duty.’
    • ‘Some of his friends thought he was "lucky" to be called for jury duty in this case.’
    • ‘Most people would prefer to avoid jury duty.’
    • ‘She headed back to work after an early dismissal from jury duty.’
    • ‘If signed into law, the legislation would make immigrants who are legal permanent residents eligible for jury duty.’
    • ‘The star has been picked for jury duty, but he doesn't believe he will have to sit through a trial.’
    • ‘She first received a jury duty notice in January but received a postponement because she was pregnant.’
    • ‘Apparently I'm exempt from jury duty as my father is in the Police and I may have a 'biased' view towards the matter.’
    • ‘Congratulations on performing jury duty - it's a task many people try to avoid, but our justice system does depend in part on people serving on juries.’
    • ‘I recently rode 8 miles in the dark on a 26 degree morning to serve jury duty.’