Meaning of jury system in English:

jury system


  • A system in which the verdict in a legal case is decided by a jury on the basis of evidence submitted to it in court.

    ‘this is a verdict that keeps our faith in the jury system’
    • ‘The selection process generally demonstrates the strength of the jury system.’
    • ‘In 2011, the Lord Chief Justice warned that misuse of the internet posed a threat to the integrity of the jury system.’
    • ‘The prosecutor suggested that, rather than being a disaster, the case had actually demonstrated the inherent fairness of Britain's jury system.’
    • ‘The jury system requires that a broad cross section of the community, randomly selected, be available to serve.’
    • ‘South Africa uses a system of Judges, although jury systems have been used in the past.’
    • ‘The case raises some issues which merit consideration in an Irish context, bearing in mind that the jury systems in the UK and Ireland are not identical.’
    • ‘Prosecutors and defendants have a shared interest in letting the jury system determine guilt or innocence.’
    • ‘The jury system is endangered by the difficulty to get good jurors, particularly for lengthy trials.’
    • ‘We have a criminal jury system which is superior to any in the world.’
    • ‘The jury system only works when it is given accurate information by the police, the prosecutor, and the judges.’