Meaning of jus in bello in English:

jus in bello


mass nounLaw
  • The body of international law regulating the conduct of combatants during war in order to minimize unnecessary damage and suffering.

    ‘attacking an undefended, open city must be deemed a failure of jus in bello’
    • ‘He raised challenges not only under jus ad bellum but also under jus in bello.’
    • ‘We believe maintaining such neutrality is the best way to promote our primary goal of encouraging all sides in armed conflicts to respect jus in bello.’
    • ‘I am rather keen on states doing their best to adhere to vague notions of jus in bello, even when engaged with an enemy who is less concerned about such things.’
    • ‘Jus in bello is about the most ethical way to conduct a war.’
    • ‘The laws that apply come out of humanitarian concerns for the right to life and the promotion of peace within the framework Jus in Bello.’
    • ‘The obligation on them is the same on any nation that finds itself in a state of asymmetric conflict with an enemy that pays no heed to jus in bello.’
    • ‘How do you enforce jus in bello standards when one of the combatants refuses to acknowledge customary and conventional international law?’
    • ‘If they are "enemies" engaged in war, then our pursuit of them will require that we pay attention to the importance of preserving some idea of jus in bello.’
    • ‘Acts such as this increase the casualties and suffering of the enemy soldiers and would be improper using the tenants of jus in bello.’
    • ‘On the basis of this treaty and customary provision, the fundamental rules of the jus in bello are well settled.’


jus in bello

/ˌdʒʊs ɪn ˈbɛləʊ/ /ˌjʊs ɪn ˈbɛləʊ/


Latin, literally ‘law in war’.