Meaning of just now in English:

just now

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  • 1At this moment.

    ‘it's pretty hectic just now’
    • ‘But it is especially hectic just now - we are over here in New York, then it's back to Scotland on Saturday.’
    • ‘My sleep patterns are pretty bad just now so I am awake half the night and not particularly with it during the day - tired and emotional.’
    • ‘It must be hard for her to hurt her son, but the pain I have to suffer from my disease is pretty bad just now so please, God, excuse me for the odd word in vain.’
    • ‘He tried not to laugh as he said this, since she looked pretty homicidal just now.’
    • ‘No, there's still only one truly imperial power on the planet at the moment, and it's just now reached its peak.’
    • ‘He's consistent, powerful, a huge hitter and, most importantly, he has bags of confidence and momentum just now.’
    • ‘However warm or cold we are to the general idea of the EU, nothing we decide just now will slow or speed up its political momentum.’
  • 2A little time ago.

    ‘she was talking to me just now’
    • ‘It takes a lot to make me smile at the moment - and this eBay auction managed it just now.’
    • ‘There are some moments when Chichester is just fabulous, and just now was one of them.’
    • ‘You know, when I saw Olivia just now, I thought for a fleeting moment - we're both victims here.’
    • ‘She had sounded so sad just now after she had been smiling only a moment ago.’
    • ‘I see, because you know we heard just now that some of the problems with commuting are pretty dire.’
  • 3South African In a little while; very soon.

    ‘I'll come just now but I want breakfast first’
    • ‘Just now hard drives will be a thing of the past.’
    • ‘I will try the new drivers just now, I'm just downloading them.’
    soon, shortly, in a little while, in a short time, presently, before long, in the near future