Meaning of just so much in English:

just so much


mainly derogatory
  • Emphasizing a large amount of something.

    ‘it's just so much ideological cant’
    • ‘There's just so much extra clunky junk that the story never quite makes its way through.’
    • ‘There's just so much paperwork out there that it's really not a targeted effort.’
    • ‘Beneath it all, though, the verbal barrage is really just so much wisecracking.’
    • ‘Outside such parameters, it's just so much speculation, no matter how poetically put.’
    • ‘Bollywood was for the masses, its excrescences like posters and billboards and lobby cards just so much kitsch.’
    • ‘Natural History programmes are just so much noise these days.’
    • ‘But is it an agenda to save the planet, or just so much hot air?’
    • ‘To them, rock tradition is just so much cliché, rock mythology is very possibly untrue, and they've poked fun at poseurs from day one.’
    • ‘There's just so much interesting information to be found!’
    • ‘Until then, it will look like just so much smoke and mirrors from the old order of duplicity and double standards.’