Meaning of juvenile crime in English:

juvenile crime


mass noun
  • Crime committed by young people below a specific age (18 in most countries)

    ‘the rate of serious juvenile crime has dropped’
    • ‘arrests for violent juvenile crimes are down 24 per cent’
    • ‘Some programs have been shown to reduce juvenile crime by up to half in the most high-risk communities.’
    • ‘Police went out and arrested the two young men, both with long histories of juvenile crime.’
    • ‘In the near future, the economy has collapsed, unemployment has soared and juvenile crime has exploded.’
    • ‘Causes varied between countries but rising juvenile crime and delinquency did seem to be common social problems.’
    • ‘A recent report found that many kids charged with juvenile crimes in Colorado fail to get help from a lawyer.’
    • ‘After a distinctly punitive era, a period of remarkable reform in juvenile crime regulation has begun.’
    • ‘State and city officials say they are concerned about juvenile crime and the perception it has promoted among riders that public transit is unsafe.’
    • ‘The boy - who is not being identified because he is a juvenile crime victim - testified that he heard a commotion and came downstairs.’
    • ‘He said that in his court, he had seen violent juvenile crimes triple over recent years.’
    • ‘The survey hinted mining companies and banks could be lining up to run programs aimed at preventing juvenile crimes.’