Meaning of K-pop in English:



mass noun
  • Korean pop music.

    ‘the band has a style that mixes European music and K-pop’
    • ‘K-pop fans’
    • ‘It could be the dapper K-pop starlet with her entourage, ostensibly here to rough it a bit for the hovering cameras.’
    • ‘In tents along the riverbank, K-pop - South Korean pop music - blares from loudspeakers for a hip-hop dance contest.’
    • ‘It tends to be repetitive as well, especially with the '80s inspired light K-pop soundtrack.’
    • ‘Enthusiasm for what is known as "K-pop" has boomed since it was announced that the soccer World Cup would be co-hosted for the first time in the tournament's history.’
    • ‘The Korean Wave may have subsided some but that hasn't kept K-pop superstar Rain from working on cementing international stardom.’
    • ‘The ethnic fusion sound of Second Moon, a newly formed world music band, has surprised those who have sought anything but K-pop and hard techno in Korea.’
    • ‘Or if you fancy something totally different, Koreana (behind Kendals) is a sweet family run place with authentic Korean cuisine - even down to the beer and the K-pop on the stereo.’
    • ‘They have mastered the K-pop technique of incongruous, chopped-up, random-sounding English choruses.’
    • ‘A teenage K-pop diva named BoA, who went to Japan in 2001 with an album called "Jumping in the World", has since sold more than 5 million albums.’
    • ‘On a Saturday and Sunday afternoon it's a veritable crazy house with kids running around, older fellas playing video games and every computer spewing K-pop at levels that even a Metallica concert-goer would be comfortable at.’
    • ‘Make sure that tinny speakers howl out 24/7 the cookie-cutter '80s K-pop that gets the housewives a-rockin'.’
    • ‘South Korean entertainment products, such as popular music known as K-Pop, have been one of the country's fastest growing exports, winning fans throughout Asia, including Japan.’