Meaning of K Road in English:

K Road


informal New Zealand
  • Karangahape Road, a major street in a part of Auckland once infamous as a red-light district and now known for fashionable cafes and shops.

    • ‘she was living ten floors up in a flat just off K Road’
    • ‘Today I went on a "heritage walk" of K Road.’
    • ‘It is situated bang in the middle of what little is left of K Road's boulevard of sleaze.’
    • ‘On a late afternoon I was on K Road wanting to take a bus to downtown.’
    • ‘Gosh, even its sexiest red has a name that most New Zealanders can relate to - K Road.’
    • ‘No exploration of the infamous K Road Markets.’
    • ‘It's a small-ish bar at the fag end of K Road, which has recently been smartened up.’
    • ‘This venue shifted recently from Newton to a smaller venue closer to K Road.’
    • ‘They take their 'girlfriends', ones they rent for an hour on K Road.’
    • ‘The slowest bit is, of course, down K Road and Queen Street.’
    • ‘Recently, he has exhibited massive white elephants at odd angles at a K Road gallery.’