Meaning of kabaddi in English:



mass noun
  • A sport of Indian origin played by teams of seven on a circular sand court. The players attempt to tag or capture opponents and must hold their breath while running, repeating the word ‘kabaddi’ to show that they are doing so.

    ‘The four golds that India garnered from outside the athletics events came from kabaddi, tennis, snooker and golf.’
    • ‘After the success of its gridiron coverage, Channel 4 turned its attentions to the subcontinent and the ancient Indian discipline kabaddi.’
    • ‘Sanjiva, from the Uttar Pradesh school of kabaddi and employed with Indian Railways, ruled out the need for drastic changes in the sport, just to cater to growing markets.’
    • ‘Having players of this quality is a real privilege and will help people get an experience of kabaddi and help the game develop here.’
    • ‘To instil a sense of sportive spirit, facilities to play volleyball, kabaddi and tennicoit have been made within the jail premises.’
    • ‘An arena demonstrating traditional sports such as kabaddi will give fans a chance to test their skills.’
    • ‘He represented his alma mater in wrestling as well as the traditional Punjabi sport of kabaddi.’
    • ‘The rain had caused some of the sporting events to be cancelled on the Saturday but yesterday thousands flocked to watch the traditional Asian game of kabaddi.’
    • ‘A champion at school, he never failed to join his friends for a game of kabaddi, even if it scared his teachers.’
    • ‘He also proved his worth in basketball and kabaddi.’



/ˈkʌbədi/ /kəˈbadi/


Of uncertain origin; compare with Kannada kabalisu ‘to gulp’ and Hindi kabaḍḍī ‘shout “kabaddi”’.