Meaning of Kabardian in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈbɑːdɪən/


  • Relating to an indigenous people of the north-western Caucasus.

    ‘There are also more interesting facts suggesting that the influence of Kabardian culture on their neighbours was much bigger than most people think today.’
    • ‘One of the villages at Aleppo is Abzah and the other is Kabardian.’


  • 1A member of the Kabardian people.

    ‘In language, culture, and ethnic classification, Abkhazians are related to the Abazins, Adyghey, Kabardians, and Circassians.’
    • ‘The ceremonial vowel is pronounced by all Kabardians as a symbol of brotherhood with all speakers of human languages.’
    • ‘Both the Kabardians and Tcherkess use the same official and literary language.’
    • ‘In most of the large cities where Kabardians are found, associations and clubs exist to strengthen cultural bonds and promote their culture.’
  • 2mass noun The North Caucasian language of the Kabardian people, with about 350,000 speakers.

    ‘Kabardian has just over one million speakers: 550,000 in Turkey and 450,000 in Russia.’
    • ‘Kabardian has one dialect, namely Beslanay, and many sub-dialects.’


From Russian Kabarda, a district in SW Russia.