Meaning of kadaitcha shoes in English:

kadaitcha shoes

plural noun

  • Shoes made of emu feathers which are worn by a kadaitcha man so that he leaves no tracks.

    ‘his Aboriginal collection included a pair of kadaitcha shoes fashioned from feathers and human blood’
    • ‘All the more perishable artefacts were burned up: the cockatoo-feather headdresses, the kadaitcha shoes, and the decorated wooden boards.’
    • ‘He puts on Kadaitcha shoes, made of emu's feathers and leaving no track.’
    • ‘The tracks of the Kadaitcha shoes around the camp will cause a superstitious panic amongst the occupiers.’
    • ‘Curio shops, where boomerangs, spears, kadaitcha shoes, and other samples of Aboriginal handcraft can be bought, are open until at least ten o'clock in the evening.’
    • ‘The ceremonial user wore appropriate make-up as well as kadaitcha shoes.’
    • ‘Their talk seemingly was of nulla-nullas, didgeridoos, boomerangs, pointing the bone, kadaitcha shoes, and tribal taboos.’
    • ‘There is a large collection of artifacts, including Kadaitcha shoes, which were worn by those who are feared for carrying out punishment.’
    • ‘Kadaitcha shoes were believed not to leave tracks that would identify the wearer.’
    • ‘The 'kadaitcha shoe' is a weathered fragment 23.5 cm in length.’
    • ‘I have sent two bucks out to hunt a young emu, and when they come back an old man of my totem will make the kadaitcha shoes.’