Meaning of kai moana in English:

kai moana

Pronunciation /ˌkʌɪ ˈməʊɑːnə/


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Food from the sea, including fish, shellfish, and sea plants.

    ‘sustainable management of kai moana is at the heart of Maori custom’
    • ‘It's our right to take the kai moana.’
    • ‘I say to the Minister of Conservation that there has been raping and pillaging of our kai moana.’
    • ‘At the moment the kai moana - seafood - is being depleted.’
    • ‘We have other races encouraging them to pillage the kai moana and sell it in Auckland in the dark.’
    • ‘It is centrally important to Hauraki for kai moana, to Pakeha for many kinds of recreation, and to the godwits that fly there every year from Siberia.’
    • ‘He used to stand on that beach and stop us, Maori and Pakeha, from gathering kai moana off that beach.’
    • ‘I went around the rocks with my nan to get kai moana.’
    • ‘The way things were heading, our kai moana would have lasted but a few years.’
    • ‘A veggie garden out the back, and a short walk to the beach, enough kai moana to feed the whole whanau and then some.’
    • ‘Gang members come down to get their kai moana for breakfast hangovers.’