Main meanings of kali in English

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Pronunciation /ˈkeɪlʌɪ/ /ˈkali/


old-fashioned term for saltwort
‘You will see plenty of Kashmir ki kalis in the valley.’
  • ‘On the bud pics of the living Kali plant in the article one can clearly see the narrow leaf shape sticking out of the bud.’
  • ‘Researchers found that similar-sized Salsola kali plants took twice as long to reach the wilting point on saline compared to nonsaline medium.’


Late 16th century from colloquial Arabic qalī ‘calcined ashes of Salsola (and similar plants)’; compare with alkali.

Main meanings of Kali in English

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Pronunciation /ˈkɑːli/

proper noun

  • The most terrifying goddess, wife of Shiva, often identified with Durga, and in her benevolent aspect with Parvati. She is typically depicted as black, naked, old, and hideous.


From Sanskrit Kālī ‘black’.