Meaning of kalian in English:


Pronunciation /kaˈljɑːn/


  • A Persian tobacco pipe with a long tube that draws the smoke through water; a hookah.

    ‘They want to know whether the people smoke kalians and ride horses.’
    • ‘The sleek-looking spice merchant was smoking kalian after kalian in dreamy contemplation of his assistant waiting on customers.’
    • ‘A guest, if he does not bring his own pipe and pipe-bearer, has a kalian offered to him.’
    • ‘I had smoked a kalian once before, though not very successfully.’
    • ‘They will sip sherbets, drink syrupy tea, smoke kalians, and gossip incessantly.’
    pipe, water pipe, hubble-bubble, chillum, narghile, kalian


Mid 19th century Persian ḳalyān, from Arabic ġalayān ‘bubbling up, boiling’; compare with calean.