Meaning of kalmia in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkalmɪə/


  • An evergreen leathery-leaved shrub of the heather family, bearing large clusters of pink or red flowers. It is native to North America and Cuba and widely grown as an ornamental.

    Genus Kalmia, family Ericaceae

    ‘At this time of year, the woodland garden brims with masses of colour coming from the thousands of rhododendrons, camellias, kalmias and magnolias.’
    • ‘So far, ramorum dieback has been found mostly on rhododendrons and viburnums, although it has also been identified on camellia, kalmia, pieris, syringa and yew.’
    • ‘Unfortunately there came a point where one had to stop reading about kalmias & fragrant catalpas & shuffle off to teach some students, but it was a very jolly start to the day.’
    • ‘Kalmia is a genus of about 7 species of evergreen shrubs from 0.2-5 m tall, in the family Ericaceae.’
    • ‘Two putative hybrids between Kalmia and Rhododendron are cultivated by enthusiasts and their status has always been the subject of debate.’


Modern Latin, named after Pehr Kalm (1716–1779), Swedish botanist.