Meaning of Kalmyk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkalmʌk/

nounplural noun Kalmyk, plural noun Kalmyks, plural noun Kalmucks

(also Kalmuck)
  • 1A member of a Buddhist people of Mongolian origin living chiefly in Kalmykia.

    ‘Among the Buddhist Kalmucks of Siberia, Meru becomes Sumeru, a vast pyramidal mountain rising from the cosmic ocean.’
    • ‘It has also been affected by invaders such as the Mongols, Timurids, Kalmyks, Khorezmian Uzbeks, and Russians.’
    • ‘The deportations of nationalities thought suspect by Stalin - Chechens, Kalmucks, Crimean Tatars, and Volga Germans - were handled by him.’
    • ‘Despite living as Russian subjects, the Kalmyks were free to practice Buddhism, and they built dozens of temples.’
    • ‘There were only Russians, Tatars, Poles, Cossacks, and Kalmucks, and a number of the figures are repeated.’
    • ‘Officially, 93,000 Kalmyks, 68,000 Karachai people, 500,000 Chechens, 340,000 Balkars and 180,000 Tartars were deported.’
    • ‘Authorities were also right to insist that expelling the Chechen residents, as some local Russians and Kalmyks had demanded, was not a possible solution to the conflict.’
    • ‘He attracted a following of peasants, Old Believers, Ural mineworkers, and non-Russians such as Bashkirs and Kalmyks.’
    • ‘It is the primary religion of ethnic Buryats, Kalmyks, and Tuvans.’
    • ‘One of the leaders of this committee is the well-known Kalmyk human rights activist, Djab Naminov Burchinov, who also played an important historical role, in returning Russian Kalmyks to their native land.’
  • 2mass noun The Altaic language of the Kalmyk.

    ‘But it is obvious that Kalmyk is perceived to belong mostly to the domain of language learning.’
    • ‘Mainly on lexiconal grounds, Kalmyk is classified as a distinct language.’
    • ‘93.1% of them regard Kalmyk as their mother tongue, 6.8% Russian.’


(also Kalmuck)
  • Relating to the Kalmyk or their language.

    ‘Genealogical research indicates that Lenin came from mixed Russian, Kalmyk, Jewish, German, and Swedish stock, and that he and his family were registered in Simbirsk Province as nobility in 1886.’
    • ‘Admittedly this is problematic, because original Kalmyk architecture is limited to the mobile nomadic tent, the’ yurt’.’’
    • ‘The project's goal is to restore the remaining knowledge of the language and use it for the development of teaching materials for national Kalmyk schools.’
    • ‘Secondly he used his light and mobile forces, irregular Cossack and Kalmuck light cavalry, Russian dragoons and mounted infantry to harass the Swedish advance.’
    • ‘There is a Kalmuck refugee community in New Jersey, and I believe that there were Kalmucks among the Russian refugees in San Francisco.’


From Russian kalmyk.