Meaning of kalpa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkalpə/


  • (in Hindu and Buddhist tradition) an immense period of time, reckoned as 4,320 million human years, and considered to be the length of a single cycle of the cosmos (or ‘day of Brahma’) from creation to dissolution.

    ‘It is because you and I are defiled that we have been wandering lost and confused through samsara for limitless kalpas; and that we cannot immediately cast off wrong thinking and see our original nature.’
    • ‘The current kalpa, called the Varaha kalpa, is the first day of Brahma's 51st year.’
    • ‘The first of these is that the Buddha was born within the current kalpa.’
    • ‘So he knows that it is almost the same every time, but the pastime is a little different in each kalpa.’
    • ‘Old and new lie next to one another, mixed and intermingled; the ancient is about to pass away, while the modern is geared for eternity, or at least for a kalpa which seems to us eternal.’