Meaning of kalsomine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkalsəmʌɪn/


(also calcimine)
mass noun
  • A kind of white or pale blue wash for walls and ceilings.

    ‘Kalsomine, even when first applied, had a tenuous grip on the plaster.’
    • ‘I assume that calcimine paint was used throughout the house.’


(also calcimine)
[with object]
  • Whitewash (a wall or ceiling) with kalsomine.

    ‘we laid new floors, put windows, kalsomined the walls’
    • ‘John Burroughs, who accompanied President Roosevelt to the hotel in April 1903, confirmed ‘that they had kalsomined some of the rooms with materials from one of the devil's paint-pots.’’
    • ‘Company records show that sometime before 1903 Fountain hotel maintenance personnel used the pinkish mud to ‘paint,’ or calcimine, many interior walls of the hotel.’
    • ‘If papering and painting, or kalsomining are to be done, do the last named first.’
    • ‘After the wall or ceiling has been kalsomined, it is possible to decorate it with figures or borders, using, as paint, kalsomine of suitable colors.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.