Meaning of kamacite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaməsʌɪt/


mass noun
  • An alloy of iron and nickel occurring in some meteorites.

    ‘Nearby is a unique 60-cm-high Boguslavka iron meteorite, which is the fragment of a single, giant monocrystal of kamacite (an alloy of meteoritic iron and nickel).’
    • ‘At times kamacite can be found so closely intermixed with taenite that it is difficult to distinguish them visually.’
    • ‘In cut sections kamacite looks like metallic iron and like the other important nickel-iron mineral, taenite.’


Late 19th century from Greek kamax, kamak- ‘vine pole’ (because of the occurrence of the alloy in bar-shaped masses) + -ite.