Meaning of Kampuchean in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkampʊˈtʃɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of Kampuchea (now Cambodia) or its people.

    ‘the Kampuchean nation’
    • ‘However, behind the scenes, Kampuchean leaders continued to fear what they perceived as Vietnamese expansionism.’
    • ‘A report from Oxfam argued that it was time the humanitarian needs of the Kampuchean people were put first.’
    • ‘It was difficult for a non-specialist to track the real direction of the Kampuchean revolution as far as the vast majority of the country's people were concerned.’
    • ‘The luminous, newly sprouted grass fields reminded her of the paddies of tender rice shoots covering the lowland Kampuchean countryside.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Kampuchea (now Cambodia)

    ‘to many Kampucheans the train is a symbol of the country coming back to life’
    • ‘Since then, the Kampucheans have reintroduced a semblance of normality.’
    • ‘Our commander was a Kampuchean who returned from Vietnam after going through education there.’
    • ‘Generation after generation, Kampucheans have found refuge and inspiration under the roofs of our pagodas.’
    • ‘The Kampucheans call it Tonle Tom or Great River.’