Meaning of kangaroo dance in English:

kangaroo dance


  • An Aboriginal dance in which the movements of a kangaroo are represented.

    ‘novices perform a hopping kangaroo dance to demonstrate their acquisition of ritual knowledge’
    • ‘We had the emu dance, in which they imitated the actions of the emu to the life, and the kangaroo dance, which was wonderful.’
    • ‘The feet of the dancers were drumming and thrumming as they performed the ancient movements of the kangaroo dance.’
    • ‘Hunting parties would perform the Kangaroo dance to confuse the herds of kangaroos and allow the hunters to get closer to them.’
    • ‘The Kangaroo dance of the natives of Australia is performed by the men only, while the women are singing and beating time by striking two pieces of wood together.’
    • ‘On this occasion, amongst a variety of ceremonies, the kangaroo dance forms a prominent feature.’