Meaning of kangaroo dog in English:

kangaroo dog


  • A large dog trained to hunt kangaroos.

    ‘a favourite kangaroo dog was always at his feet, nudging, nuzzling, panting’
    • ‘When the settlers brought in what we term kangaroo dogs, I don't know what was mixed with them but they're huge.’
    • ‘Jack spent much of his childhood horse riding and chasing kangaroos with a kangaroo dog, a breed similar to a greyhound.’
    • ‘"Kangaroo dogs are very rare nowadays and were very light legged," he said.’
    • ‘To aid in the chase, settlers bred the kangaroo dog—a swift, greyhound-like runner with powerful jaws.’
    • ‘To obtain meat, the bulk of their diet, they relied on the help of their kangaroo dogs.’
    • ‘There are two men waiting on the opposite bank with a pair of kangaroo dogs and what looks like a bundle of skins, bound with ropes.’