Meaning of kangaroo tick in English:

kangaroo tick


  • A tick which infests kangaroos or wallabies, one species of which can severely affect humans through its bite.

    ‘I'd slept in a hollow full of kangaroo ticks’
    • ‘Along with these animals, there are also parasites, and insects, such as kangaroo ticks.’
    • ‘The trip featured kangaroo ticks, leeches, rock hard ground, and boiling by day and freezing by night.’
    • ‘I was busy outside raking up and burning all the gum leaves that had fallen in the summer and harboured kangaroo ticks.’
    • ‘That old buck must have had kangaroo ticks.’
    • ‘Whenever we rested during the day, we would light a handful of grass and scorch a clear spot to free it of kangaroo-ticks.’