Meaning of kangha in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌŋhə/


  • A comb worn in the hair as one of the five distinguishing signs of the Sikh Khalsa.

    ‘It must be combed at least twice a day, and is usually held in place with the kangha, a small wooden comb.’
    • ‘This activity introduces students to the five Ks of Sikhism, namely kara, kangha, kirpan, kachera and kesh.’
    • ‘The hairs removed by the kangha are not to be thrown in a dirty place or on the floor.’
    • ‘According to scientific research keeping a wooden kangha in your hair reduces the level of static energy building up.’
    • ‘Each bag contains an object, eg. a kara, a kangha, a photograph of a local gurdwara.’


From Punjabi kanghā.