Meaning of karabiner in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkarəˈbiːnə/


(also carabiner)
  • A coupling link with a safety closure, used by rock climbers.

    ‘The Rock Climbing Section minimized rope burn while rappelling (then called ‘roping down’) by feeding the rope through a carabiner, a metal link attached to their gear.’
    • ‘The latter use may score the karabiner, leading to deterioration of any rope, running through it.’
    • ‘Make sure you buy a good pear-shaped locking carabiner (either screw-gate or locking-gate type).’
    • ‘In addition to carrying the necessary hardware (including carabiners, a set of ascenders and a pulley), each climber should have prior practice, knowledge and a plan for crevasse rescue.’
    • ‘Sometimes he'd open his pack to show us his collection of carabiners, pitons, and ropes.’
    • ‘A belayer holds the end of the rope, hooked to his or her karabiner and through the belay device, to take up rope slack as the climber ascends the wall.’
    • ‘Personally, I like the fact that some camps give out little flashlights or carabiners to anyone who wants them.’
    • ‘These sheaths feature multiple attachment points for key rings, cord, or carabiners.’
    • ‘It is a full strength, high performance karabiner for multiple uses, easy clips and winter climbing.’
    • ‘Twenty-two years ago we started our company with a simple mission: build carabiners and make them affordable.’
    • ‘In treework, three-way karabiners are still the best form of connector between harness and rope equipment.’
    • ‘The object of the invention consists in improving the safety of a karabiner whatever the surrounding environment.’
    • ‘The rig can be doubled by piggy-backing a second set of carabiners with brake bars.’
    • ‘Use our expansive on-line directory to source karabiners and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.’
    • ‘A safety karabiner comprises a swivelling gate with a sliding locking ring operating in conjunction with a lock-bolt.’
    • ‘You should never use the karabiner brake for perpendicular or overhanging pitches.’
    • ‘For other purposes locking karabiners are mainly used for rigging, setting up belays or on major running belays such as spikes and trees.’
    • ‘We stock many different carabiners and screw links for all situations.’
    • ‘A maillon is slightly more ‘fiddly’ than a karabiner to put on and take off because the screw sleeve tends to be stiffer to operate.’
    • ‘This small flashlight, powered by battery, is attached to a carabiner.’


1930s shortened from German Karabiner-haken ‘spring hook’.