Meaning of Karelian in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈriːlɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Northern European region of Karelia.

    ‘the harsh Karelian landscape’
    • ‘The rounded corners of the refectory were intended to withstand the harsh Karelian frosts.’
    • ‘He designed and built a studio in the Finnish countryside inspired by traditional Karelian architecture.’
    • ‘Prompted by their mothers they formed a group to sing and play traditional Karelian tunes.’
    • ‘Hot dishes include Karelian rye pastries stuffed with potatoes or rice, and reindeer stew.’
    • ‘The majority of furniture was veneered with mahogany, poplar or Karelian birch and had clear, easily recognized lines.’
    • ‘This bodes well for the preservation of all things Karelian, across the region.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Northern European region of Karelia.

    ‘the Karelians began to grow turnips, onions, potatoes and hemp’
    • ‘These groups speak languages that are related to modern Finnish and/or Hungarian and include the Karelians, Komi, Maris, Mordvins, and Udmurts.’
    • ‘Karelians now enjoy some of the lowest fuel prices in the country.’
    • ‘Most Finns are Lutheran while the majority of Karelians are Eastern Orthodox.’
    • ‘As to the Kalevala—show me a Karelian who hasn't read it.’