Meaning of kaross in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrɒs/


South African
  • A rug or blanket of sewn animal skins, formerly worn as a garment by African people, now used as a bed or floor covering.

    ‘Blankets almost completely displaced hides or karosses by the end of the nineteenth century and were in some communities giving way to Western-style clothes.’
    • ‘One the other hand, the use of the leopard kaross is one of the oldest traditions known to the Basotho.’
    • ‘But they didn't wear bloomers, and they only put their karosses around their shoulders when it was cold.’
    • ‘Note that the men are preparing karosses or sniffing snuff while they talk and listen to music.’
    • ‘Round karosses, pouffes, shields and decorative wall piece skins are among the specialties that we stock.’
    rug, runner, carpet, drugget


South African Dutch, from Khoikhoi karos.